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The Management
Rhythms Blueprint

The Simple Management System
That Gives You A Grip On Your Business,
So You Can Take Back Your Life.


Keep Control Of Your Business With This
5 Meeting, Plug-And-Play Management System
($997 $247)

The Management Rhythms Blueprint contains everything CEO Matt Smith has learned about keeping control of a business. 

As you work through the short, practical material Matt has put together for you, you will:

  • Generate MORE profits and growth by transforming your business from an owner-driven business to a team-driven business. Using the 5 meetings in Matt's simple management system, you'll gain greater leverage over your time (these work for every business — EVEN if your business is entirely remote)
  • Get MORE time for yourself by creating high-speed, high-trust relationships with your employees, empowering them to take big projects off your plate. When you stop doing all the work, and empower your employees to take ownership of entire projects,  you'll stop being the bottleneck in your business... and you'll win back HUGE amounts of time in your week, freeing you from working 12-hour days and doing everything yourself
  • Find MORE freedom in your business by developing every single employee with just ONE question. This one question will show you how to unlock your staff's capabilities so that they can handle the logistics and operations in your business while you focus on growth

You weren't put on this earth to build a small, stressful, and frustrating business. 

Use The Management Rhythms Blueprint to control your business in just 5 meetings, and you can discover what you're truly capable of.

When you complete your purchase, you will get immediate access to:

  • 2.5 hours of straight to the point video-training taught by Matt Smith, serial entrepreneur with two decades of experience across a dozen industries
  • Step-by-step instructions on deploying each management rhythm in your business so that you can see immediate improvements in staff performance
  • Cut-and-paste email templates, competency models, and more that ensure you get the most out of each Management Rhythm - and without having to wait for an expensive consultant to fly to you

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Your Purchase Includes...

When you complete your purchase of The Management Rhythms Blueprint, you'll get access to the resources you need to 'plug-and-play' Matt Smith's proven simple management system into your own business.

This includes:

Short, Practical Training Video For Each Meeting Shows You What To Say, And When, For Maximum Impact

This is your secret weapon for leveraging your time, geting better performance out of your employees, and shifting your focus from internal logistics to external growth.

In these 5 videos taught by Matt Smith, youll discover exactly how to run each of Matt's proven meetings for maximum success. Matt tells you what to say, when to hold each meeting, and how to run each meeting effectively.

Unlike long, boring lectures built on theory instead of practice, each videos only takes around 30 minutes to watch.

You can then immediately take the practical information you learn in each video and apply it in your business within 48 hours, confident you know what you're doing.

Each video is broken up into three sections:

  1. An introduction to the purpose of each meeting, what it will do for your business, and what success looks like
  2. A step-by-step guide to implementing the meeting successfully (this is how you ensure the meeting becomes a valuable management tool for running your business)
  3. What you need to do so you can start using the meeting immediately without making common mistakes 

These videos are your opportunity to tap into the mind of a highly successful CEO and discover exactly how you should run your company.

And your purchase will give you UNLIMITED access to these videos from any device.

Videos included are:

  • The Introduction to this course, outlining exactly what you'll learn, and what kind of results you can expect to see
  • The GS&R - a step-by-step guide to running the most high-impact, highly leveraged meeting in your business (if this was the only thing you used in this course, you'd see a dramatic transformation in your employees and operations in just 4 weeks)
  • The Quarterly Planning Process - a complete overview of how to run a focused, performance oriented quarterly plan without wasting time on useless, feel-good activities that don't tell your staff what to do, or where to focus
  • The Weekly Alignment Meeting - the must-run meeting that connects your employees week-to-week activities with your Quarterly Goals, keeps everyone on track, and stops your business from being quietly derailed 
  • The Daily Stand-Up - the number-one way to keep your team focused and engaged every single day - and how you to use this in just 15 minutes each morning
  • The War Room - discover how to run this Million Dollar Marketing Meeting in your own business, using it to unlock exponential growth (plus: you'll discover how this meeting can be applied to ANY sticky business problem your organization faces)

Complete Deployment Packages That Do All The Heavy Lifting For You

To ensure your success with this system, we've taken the EXACT tools Matt uses to deploy this system in his own businesses, developed over the course of 20 years, and included them with your purchase.

We call these Deployment Packages.

Each deployment package includes everything you'll need to successfully run each meeting with your team, including:

  • Executive-Level Competency Models. These "Cheat Sheets" outline the entire process for running each meeting in your organization, and include a simple rating system you can use to measure the impact of each meeting.

    Share these competency models with your direct reports, and have them use them to run each meetings with their teams.
  • Copy-and-paste email templates that sell your team on these new meetings so that they're engaged and excited to use them - all you have to do is enter the email addresses and click 'send'.

    This eliminates the biggest challenge owners face when implementing this simple management system - push back from the team - by making it something they WANT to do.
  • Simple checklists and meeting logs. When you start using this simple management system, your business will build momentum FAST.

    By using our simple checklists and meeting logs you'll make sure decisions are made quickly, and execution happens without delay by holding employees accountable.

Each deployment package is available for immediate download with your purchase, and includes print ready files you can use in your office.

You don't need to figure out how to run these meetings or what resources you need.

We've eliminated all the heavy lifting by providing these immediately actionable deployment packages so you can focus on the one thing that matters — reaching your potential with your business.

Your Deployment Packages Include:

  • GS&R Competency Model
  • Quarterly Planning Competency Model
  • Weekly Alignment Meeting Competency Model
  • Daily Stand-Up Competency Model
  • GS&R Roll-Out Email
  • Quarterly Planning Roll-Out Email
  • Weekly Alignment Meeting Roll-Out Email
  • Daily Stand-Up Roll-Out Email
  • The War Room Roll-Out Email
  • Quarterly Planning Template, giving you the exact prep questions to ask each member of staff  for maximum impact
  • The War Room Meeting Log to record the progress made in each War Room, including lessons learned and assignments given, so that you can build up a value reference vault
  • The War Room Checklist to ensure nothing is missed in this fast paced, high-impact meeting with your staff

PLUS, Hand Picked Resources To Enhance Your Abilities As An Owner, Manager, And Leader

From case studies to award-winning books, you'll find links to everything you need to enhance your abilities as an owner, manager, and a leader with this system.

What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying:

"It's like Traction PLUS Scrum PLUS 80/20... and so easily actionable."

Nate Ginsberg
Entrepreneur, FBA Business Owner

"Madly in love with the Management Rhythms course. Having all the team leads go through the GS&R module and implementing ASAP... the GS&Rs I'm hoping are going to be a game changer on getting the team to be hyper focused, accountable, and effective week in and week out."

Ben Yu
Entrepreneur, Founder of

"I love it! Really do… and will be implementing it in our company."

Ed O'Keefe
Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Marine D3

About Your Instructor

Matt Smith, 
CEO, Royalty Exchange

The Management Rhythms Blueprint is taught by serial entrepreneur and Colorado CEO Matt Smith.

For over 20 years Matt has built and managed fast-growth businesses both in-person and from remote locations. In this time he has identified the 5 meetings every business owner must run to control their company, while managing fast growth.

This simple management system, now being used in a range of industries, enables any business owner to take back control of their business - and their life - by creating an environment for their staff to flourish without micromanagement.

Matt currently uses The Management Rhythms Blueprint with his team at Royalty Exchange, a leading financial instruments marketplace.

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