Burnt out entrepreneur? Unpredictable income?
Business making over six-figures yet still feel broke?

“Millionaire Maker” Reveals C.A.S.H. Profit Activators To Double Your Income While Reclaiming Your Freedom— Working 10 or Even 20 Hours Less Per Week!

Dear Entrepreneur and High Performer,

Are you too busy to double your income in the next 8 weeks?

Sounds like a silly question, right?

However most entrepreneurs would say they have no time to drop what they’re doing right now to read this entire letter and see just how easy it is to boost their income 200% in a couple of months

WITHOUT working 14 hour days, sacrificing time and memories with your family, or burying yourself under stress and anxiety.

On this page I’ll pull back the curtain on…

A Secret Group of Entrepreneurs Who Are
Making Massive Profits WITHOUT Burning Out…

And you’re going to learn all about their secret weapon known as “the C.A.S.H. profit activators”.

These 16 little known profit activators immediately accelerate the growth of your business… and don’t take much time or brainpower to get going…

Now you’ve likely never heard of profit activators before because they’re not as flashy (or as useless) as taking a selfie in front of a Lambo to get attention… or hiring a big name PR company... or putting your faith in some expensive digital marketing agency that doesn’t know anything about your business...

Instead, the C.A.S.H. profit activators are the behind the scenes stuff… The type of daily money makers that some celebrity entrepreneurs (or “celeb-preneurs”) might call “boring.”

But for people who would rather be rich than famous – like you and I – the 16 profit activators are the difference between “struckling” entrepreneurs (who are stuck AND struggling) ... and the business owners who are practically printing money on demand.

Again— No Celeb-preneur Is Going To Share This Mysterious Side Of Their Booming Businesses…

Because these profit activators are the secret weapons they’ve been using to beat their competitors for years – and what made them celebrity entrepreneurs in the first place…

And keeping these money makers a secret keeps the “little guys” from rising up and taking a chunk out of the market pie (and also keeps everyone buying the celeb-preneurs books about “hustling” and “grinding”…)

Speaking of which, if you’re reading this letter than I’ll bet you’ve spent the last 6 months or 6 years trying to build your business on the so-called ‘hustle-n-grind’ – am I right?

But listen, that approach will only take you so far … till you eventually stall (or burn out…)

Fortunately, no matter how hard you are hustling or how much you are grinding yourself down and wearing yourself out, that can change starting today…

Hi. My name is Craig Ballantyne. I’m the author of The Perfect Day Formula, and the new Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Unstoppable. I’m also the owner of the popular success newsletter Early to Rise, in addition to three other 7-figure businesses (in three different areas).

More importantly, my clients refer to me as “The Millionaire Maker” and I’ve helped many entrepreneurs just like you to go from “struckling” to making their first million – all without sacrificing their health or personal lives, or working crazy hours.

So no matter how stuck you feel… no matter how many obstacles are in your way… and no matter how many people out there quit believing in you…

I want you to know that I am on your side, because I’ve been in your shoes.

You see, I started my entrepreneur journey as a broke, introverted, socially anxious, binge drinking farm boy who knew nothing about business. I had a scarcity mindset and debilitating money mindset issues from growing up poor.

Then, even when I started having success, I self-sabotaged myself over and over again because of my irrational fear of losing everything. But thanks to the C.A.S.H. profit activators and a few simple daily success habits…

Today I’m a World-Renowned Leader In Multiple Industries Who Has Made Millions Of Dollars And Improved The Lives Of Over 13 Million People…

All while traveling the world (over 47 countries and counting) and living life on my own terms.

Along the way I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs starting from scratch to 6-, 7-, 8- and even 9-figure Empires. And while working with them I’ve come to one major conclusion:

If I can do it and they can do it, then YOU can do it too (and most likely, better faster, and easier thanks to everything I’ve learned over the years).

Most important of all, the information on this page will give you the roadmap to achieving your financial goals and gaining the freedom you so greatly desire and deserve.

But before we reveal your big profit blueprint, I want to make sure you’re in the right place – so please only keep reading this letter if you connect with one or more of the following…

10 Scientifically Proven Warning Signs You’re a Burnt Out Entrepreneur – But Who Is ALSO On the Verge of BIG MONEY Breakthroughs

Write down a “yes, that’s me!”
for each one that applies to your situation:


Your income is unpredictable …

Some months you bank $20K or more, other months you struggle to bring in $3,000 (and meet payroll). You’re living a life of feast-or-famine and you lack steady month-over-month growth in your business because you just don’t have the right people or systems in place…


You’re working more than 55 hours per week

(and not because you’re obsessed, but because you’re stuck in paycheck prison) with no signs of slowing down…


You’re wearing “Golden Handcuffs” …

meaning that if you don’t show up for work, then the business doesn’t make money (which means you really just have a high paying job and not a real business that runs like a well-oiled machine without you)...


You can’t remember your last vacation …

And the thought of even trying to take a long weekend away without internet access or being able to check in multiple times per day makes you worry that your business will fall apart…


You’re desperately searching for a silver bullet

to skyrocket your business to the next level— (ex: quiz funnels, product launches, influencer marketing, PR companies, podcasting, etc)… because you haven’t struck gold and found the ONE big opportunity you can scale…


You’re thinking of starting a side hustle just to make ends meet …

That’s right, even though you’re already working 10+ hours a day, you’re thinking that if you can just moonlight for Uber or magically start an online business that all of your money problems will be solved...


You feel like an imposter.

Yes— you’re an entrepreneur… but you’re not living the lifestyle of a successful business owner you see on Instagram or read about in Inc. magazine. You’re stressed. Burnt out. Losing sleep. You never go on vacation. And you’re pocketing tiny profits (if any at all)…


You’re terrified of not having enough work coming in

to pay your team. And fear having to lay off employees - or even to be able to afford hiring one in the first place…


You have an overwhelming fear of failure

or of “losing it all” that prevents you from investing back into your company, hiring a copywriter or salesperson that can increase your income, or simply delegating the smallest tasks to a virtual assistant…


You’re always chasing clients.

Your next dime depends on you cold calling, annoying a new connection on LinkedIn with an unsolicited private message, following up with prospects for hours each day, and having to close every sale yourself…

If you said “yes, that’s me” to one or more of the 10
“burn out” warning signs above— then it’s critical you
read the rest of this letter right now…

Because the information on the rest of this page is like revealing…


An Entrepreneur’s Treasure Map to The Hidden Gold Buried In Your Business That Instantly Boosts Profits and Helps You Scale Faster While NEVER Burning Out Or Working 60+ Hour Weeks Again…

But first…

Let me tell you how I nearly lost it all (my money, relationships, and health) because I was like you are today— burning the candle at both ends— working tirelessly in my business and driving a wedge between my friends, family, and even my sanity…  

You might have heard this story in articles about me on Forbes.com or in one of my many television or radio interviews. It’s embarrassing to tell, but it’s more important for you to hear it than it is for me to hold it in.

A few years back I was a new entrepreneur making about $155,000 per year. On the surface my life looked amazing. I was…

  • making more money than I ever thought possible while doing something I had always loved…
  • regularly traveling the world on cool business trips or to see my friends all across America, and even in Dubai, Europe, and the UK…
  • My customers loved my product and I had thousands of happy clients - and had even built up “celebrity trainer” status in the fitness industry…
  • My friends and family all thought I had “made it” and was a huge success...

But Although I Was Earning a Ton Of Money… I Was Working Over 70 Hours A Week, Had No Boundaries Or Structure To My Day, And Was On The Brink Of A Mental Breakdown

It felt like every waking hour of the day I was making sales calls, responding to emails, managing ad campaigns, and putting out fires in my business. My days were nonstop from as soon as I woke up with the sun and checked my email in bed until I shut down my computer just after midnight.

I wore a “Hustle” t-shirt like a badge of honor. And didn’t think there was anything wrong with it…

After all— all the “celeb-preneurs” brag about the “grind lifestyle”…

… and to be successful like them you have to do what they do, right?


Eventually my stress levels built up so much that it exploded into an anxiety attack, and I had to go to the Emergency Room – twice in just six weeks! – because I was sure that I was having a heart attack… all at the age of 29!

It was the lowest point of my life… and I got there from working really, really hard on the wrong blueprint for my life.

Of course, I wasn’t alone.

So Many Entrepreneurs Get Sucked Into This Grind Trap— But It’s Like Quicksand… The Harder You Work To Get Out, The Deeper You Sink…

Make a note of which of the following traps you’re currently in…

  • The growth of your business suffers because you are spending too much time working IN your business on the little things, and not enough time working ON your business like an Empire Builder and doing the BIG picture thinking … and that neuters your ability to increase your income…
  • You see less of your spouse. You don’t get to kiss them good night. You don’t have time to talk about the future, your family, and your big goals and dreams. You miss out on date nights (the number one killer of relationships). And to put it bluntly, you don’t have as much – or any – sex. And eventually your partner becomes bitter and resentful because you’ve become married to your job and chained to your work….

… In fact, a recent study shows entrepreneurs have a 10% higher divorce rate than the average American household. So clearly, the “hustle-n-grind entrepreneur lifestyle” is broken and needs to be fixed…

However, on the flip side, some of my clients are the most happily married people I have ever met – because we have FIXED every single one of the problems listed above… and we can do the same for you, even if you’re single and looking to find the love of your life (which I’ve helped many of my clients do as well!)

  • You’re not present with your kids … and this is KILLING YOU. You know it. They know it. You’re on your phone when you should be with them. And they notice more and more – especially as they get older – that the half-baked attention you’re giving them means “mommy and/or daddy cares more about the phone than me”…
  • You’re gaining weight, your health is crumbling, and your stress has skyrocketed… because you have no time to take care of yourself. You rush to Starbucks to get your fix, you race for take-out at every meal, you’ve given up on exercise, and at night you can’t fall asleep because of the stress racing through your mind. Essentially, you’re working yourself to death… and for what? $30K? $60K? $100K (before taxes) if you’re lucky? But even if you hit those numbers, when you do the math on the total hours you work, you’re barely making above minimum wage.

Look— I don’t say this to make you feel bad…

I’ve sat across the table from thousands of entrepreneurs struggling with the same battles… It’s common – too common. And as I shared above, I’ve been there – and worse – too… Fortunately, I was able to get out of this trap, to turn my life around, and most important to you, dedicate my life to making sure this doesn’t happen to anyone I know – and that includes you.

… Now here’s the funny thing … Even though I went through a special kind of hell to get where I am today, I’m actually really grateful for it…

It’s only because of that journey that I’m able to help my clients get so much success so fast … and why I am so confident that I can help you succeed in business WITHOUT killing yourself or your relationships in the process…

Which is why…

I MUST Share The Exact Fast C.A.S.H. Profit Activator Secret I Used to Get Out My Hell… And That Will Radically Boost Your Income And Buy Back 10 Hours Of Your Time By NEXT WEEK— So You Can Finally Enjoy More Freedom to Do the Things You Love With The People You Love…

Now let me congratulate you. Because if you’re still reading this page chances are you’ve successfully:

  • created a profitable business idea…
  • built an audience of engaged customers…
  • have a successful product or service or physical location…
  • are earning 6 figures or more, or you’re at least very close to it…

You’re far ahead of the “wantrepreneurs” out there…

You’re experiencing real entrepreneur problems (which is a good thing)…

And you also have a red-hot, burning desire, deep in your heart, and a fire in your belly, to get to the NEXT level in business and in life.

Now all you need is a step-by-step blueprint to break out of the hustle, gain your time back, make more money and finally live the life of your dreams

So I’m going to give that to you.


It comes with a “price”… a challenge, if you will.

One that will require you to do a couple of small things very differently.

Because as one of my millionaire mentors once said to me…

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There…

Listen, anyone can get to $100,000 in revenue.

Now I don’t say that to downplay your results or hard work.

So what got you from $0 to the “$100K paycheck prison” is NOT what will get you to the promised land of a million dollars or more.

If you keep trying to go down the same path, using the same ideas, you’ll end up spinning your wheels stuck in the same place for the next six-months, year, or longer unless something changes…

If You’re Stuck At 6-Figures You’re Likely Making One Or All Of The Following Mistakes…


You’re Betting the Farm on Someone Else

Most entrepreneurs think there are only a few ways to make money…

Like building expensive “funnels” that take a ton of time and cash to do properly… but without any promise of a return on your investment. A lot of times these things don’t even work… and the only people that make money are the funnel builders, software companies, and tech guys...


You’re Sacrificing Your Life to Social Media

Maybe you’ve seen one of the celeb-preneurs giving up his family life so he can be on social media 24/7, and now you think you need to devote all of your time to building a social media or podcast following so that you can earn “influencer status” and then finally start making some money from ads.


You’re Getting Distracted, Giving Up, and Losing Focus

What hurts me the most as a coach is when I hear from new clients who are on the verge of giving up on their main business so that they can add a “second job side hustle” to make ends meet.

That guarantees failure because you lose your singularity of focus, which every millionaire and billionaire (including Warren Buffett and Bill Gates) will tell you is the KEY to success.

Listen, no matter where you are right now, I’m not going to let you make any of these mistakes and stay stuck in mediocrity.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s why…

The reality is that you can build a highly profitable 6-figure, 7-figure, and even 8- or 9-figure business using the 16 profit activators that I’ll share below… these hidden profit centers are sitting right there at your fingertips and can be implemented almost immediately to buy back your time and take home more money.

And when this happens you’ll be able to make a greater impact on the world, soak up your freedom… buy the home of your dreams… and go on lots of trips with the people you love… all without a care in the world…

The decision to do whatever you want with your time can be yours…

However, you’ll never have options until you stop wasting time and money on tasks that won’t grow your business

And start putting your focus on the 16 Fast C.A.S.H. Profit Activators to reveal “hidden” sources of free money in your business and create a bulletproof strategy to double your income in just few short weeks …

Get ready to increase your income, write your own paycheck, and scale your business as fast as you want…

You’ll be shocked at how simple it is.

These are the same strategies thousands of my clients have used to…

Scale their Business 2X, 10X, and Even 20X in
Just a Few Months All While Working
10 Fewer Hours Each Week

Remember those “heart attacks” I mentioned that drove me to the ER?

They lasted for weeks on end… but during that time I turned over every rock to turn my life – and business – around so that I could make more money while working less.

In less than six months from the day that I had my first anxiety attack, I was able to increase my income 5-times.

It wasn’t easy, but this allowed me to travel the world, host my first business seminar back in 2007, and go on to teach over 35,000 entrepreneurs the same strategies that have set me free in life.

But I didn’t stop there. My search for success secrets has been never ending, and over the past 12 years since those dreadful days I’ve discovered more and more C.A.S.H. profit activators that continue to set my clients financially free.

Today my clients are getting rich while spending more time with their family, never missing their kids’ activities or assemblies, and having hot date nights each week. Most of them even now take “one-in-a-lifetime” vacations… EVERY year!

And now it’s your turn to enjoy the same…



How To Double Your Income and
Work 10 Hours Less Per Week

When you join the 2X-10 Less club, here’s what you can expect:

HUGE results— Fast.

Listen. I know you’re busy. I know that you don’t have the time or energy to spend days and weeks of your life traveling to attends or wading through 100 hour courses to get the results you need…

That’s why I’ve designed this program to help you achieve more freedom and income quickly and easily.

You’ll start with the 2X—10 Less Fast Start Cheat Sheet where I’ll personally review your goals and current situation to find quick wins for boosting your income and cutting your work hours.

Then you’ll jump on a 2X—10 Less audit where you’ll speak to one of our “double your income” specialists to find and recover hidden cash in your business so you can make more money FAST…

Next, we’ll help you build a 2X Game Plan Blueprint™ to snatch the “low hanging fruit” (easy money) in your business…

This alone can put thousands of dollars of PROFIT into your pocket each month…

We’ll also show you how to create the perfect team for your business so you can stop doing the “$10 an hour tasks” that you hate and start making more time to focus on the big picture and building your Empire…

But that’s not all…

My mission is virtually guarantee your success over the coming weeks…

Which Is Why On This Page Only You’ll Get Access To Every One of the 16 Fast C.A.S.H. Profit Activators, Including:

Flood Gate Funnel

The New Client Floodgate Funnel

A done-for-you messaging system (that doesn’t require any fancy websites) to get your next 5, 10, or even 25 customers in under 60 days so you can quickly boost the revenue in your business. (But why stop at 25? Keep using this formula to get your next 50 to 100 new customers, clients, members, or course buyers in the coming months.) These “SPEAR” messages take less than 10-minutes to set up but can lead to thousands of dollars in “uncollected cash” that is just sitting in your business waiting to be found.

Cach Machine

The 3-Day Cash Machine Series

This “so stupidly simple” thank you sale series generates massive amounts of money into your business AND goodwill with your prospects and clients. It’ll work so well you’ll be tempted to shake your head and ask, “Why haven’t I done this before?” but you won’t have time because you’ll be too busy counting up all the sales... In fact, one of my clients generated $85,000 in just three days… Are you my next success story?

Erik Ledin Testimonial

Hidden profits referral script

The Hidden Profits Referral Script

Personal referrals are the easiest “hidden profits” just sitting around waiting to be found in your business, but over 90% of business owners are missing out on this fast cash. You’ll get an easy referral campaign you can use right now to gain new customers into your business WITHOUT spending a dime on expensive ad campaigns… This works for email, text messaging, and even in-person face-to-face connections.

Get paid your worth

The Magic “Get Paid Your Worth” Script

This simple letter could boost your income an extra 25-50% in revenue THIS WEEK when you finally have a roadmap to get paid what you truly deserve (I’ve used this in dozens of businesses to “Raise the Rate” without complaints or losing long time customers either)

Social media selling system

Social Media Selling System (Retail Value $397)

Thousands of my clients are using this to generate new leads and customers 24/7/365. They are TRIPLING their investment overnight. You’ll finally know exactly what to say every single day on social media so that you stop wasting your time chasing people and start attracting warm, PRE-SOLD leads that want to give you their money without hesitation.

“Craig, I closed my first $1,000 sales after getting the system yesterday.” – Lawrence Gunter, entrepreneur, England

“I sold a $24,000 diamond ring the same day I started using your scripts!” – Kirk Goussian, jewelry retailer, New York City


Just imagine the profits you’ll make in the next 30 days, 6 months, and 1-year from now when you have this fast cash profit activating tool in your business growth toolbox.

An ALL ACCESS Lifetime Pass to My Private Sales & Copywriting Vault (Retail Value = $997)

Lifetime Pass

I’ve been teaching entrepreneurs how to make money for over 12 years since my first “big event” back in 2007... and over the years my team has collected my best live copywriting lessons, sales training sessions, email marketing breakdowns, and more and stuffed them all inside one of the world’s most valuable vaults for you to access on-demand anytime, anywhere.

Attendees have paid thousands of dollars to be at these live trainings all over the world, and we regularly sell the recordings for $997 or more, but as part of the 2X-10 Less Club, you get all of these for free.

But WAIT – The 2X-10 Less Program is NOT About Working More So You Can Make More ... You Also Get My Proven Tools To Gain FREEDOM and End
the “Grind” That Is Destroying Your Life

In a recent survey of my followers, 80% of entrepreneurs admitted that they still “grind it out” because “it’s the only way they know.”

That’s why it’s so important for you to get immediate access to my trademarked tools that give you fast productivity victories so you can cut BACK on the “hustle-and-grind” that is destroying your health and personal life. You’ll finally see how to make more money while working less using:

The 10 less magic time formula

The 10 Less MAGIC TIME Formula

You’ll immediately be able to cut’n’slash your work hours once you go through the “10 Hours Less” time management training system. to help you work 10 fewer hours by NEXT WEEK… (Imagine what you can do with ten hours of freedom. Go on more dates with your partner. Visit the beach with your kids. Play three rounds of golf. Train for an Obstacle Course race or CrossFit Games. Whatever it is— you’ll FINALLY have time for it.)

Ultimate guide in high performance

The Ultimate Guide in High Performance Leadership

Stressed with staff management? Not sure how to run high-performance meetings? Dealing with negative team members or staff that always show up late and don’t do a great job? Not sure how to delegate? These step-by-step blueprints for running meetings to level-up your team without headaches or wasting time will be a Game-Changer for you and your business… You’ll maximize your meetings— keeping them short while giving your team members the tools they need to become high performers with less stress – so that you can reach your 2X profit goals FASTER.


The World’s Most Politically Incorrect Job Ad

If you want to find the PERFECT person to take over your $10 an hour tasks so that you can focus on the BIG Rocks in your business, then you need this job ad to find the EXACT team members that will help you grow your business and gain your time back (without wasting hours on pointless interviews).

Plus, I’ll also give you my “Oprah Strategy” to grow an engaged following and generate HUGE Profits-on-Demand… allowing you to earn more income while growing your impact.

Oh, and I’ll reveal The Million Dollar Question TM and the ultimate money mindset exercise that attracts wealth into your life without stress or anxiety.

These tools are like “Instant Leadership in-a-Box” and will completely change your views on staff from having “employees” to supporting “high performance team members” who can grow your business WITHOUT you. This is the ULTIMATE leverage tool in the 2X-10 Less System, but it must be done right and according to these exclusive blueprints!

And That’s Just The Beginning… After Getting IMMEDIATE Access to ALL of the Above, You’ll Continue to Build Wealth And Freedom The Fast and Proven Way With PRIVATE Training Sessions Over the Next 8 Weeks

You’ll also receive ongoing support for the next 8 weeks in a series of LIVE group video training sessions with our 2X Profit Specialists and yours truly.

Flood Gate Funnel

Each week you’ll take a deep-dive into the 16 Fast C.A.S.H. Profit Activators in your business and how to INSTANTLY maximize them…

In each training session you will have the chance to ask your questions about growing your business and get personalized and CUSTOMIZED advice from both me and my top coaches who have already “been there and done that and achieved what you want to achieve” in both business and in life.

We’ll show you how to:

activator 12

Leverage Your Life’s Work in a special promotion that works like gangbusters. Use this up to 2 times per year for a HUGE influx of income into your business… Using Profit Activator #12

Profit pyramid

Build an indestructible Profit Pyramid in your business so you earn more money from making your happiest customers even happier… this one simple secret about the“5% Money Club”hidden in your business will make you rich…

activator 15

Fire Up Profit Activator #15 to open up a brand new massively profitable revenue stream in your business and give your customers an amazing opportunity that they’ve been waiting for…

Product launches

Uncover high-profit product launches that gush fast cash into your bottom line so you stop leaving BIG money on the table

activator 14

Maximize Profit Activator #14 so that your income and cash flow become more predictable… and so that business and life becomes so much more carefree and enjoyable... and you no longer have to be chasing down new customers every morning

AND on these very special training sessions my team and I will help you create a step-by-step 90-Day Action Plan for you to achieve your biggest business goals – and your biggest personal life goals too…

You’ll even get a 30-Day Fast Start guide to get you speedy results while working less (and perhaps taking Fridays off like some of our top clients do each week) so you can do more of the “fun stuff” you love outside of your business…

And throughout every step of the way, you’ll get access to the SECRET ingredient of success – high-level accountability from me and my coaches so that you stick to these plans and stay on the FAST track to your success…

Plus, you’ll also have access to our Private “2X-10Less” Facebook Group where you can connect with other like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs to share your WINS, your struggles, and your biggest secrets for getting more done and making more money.

You get all of that and so much more…

And here’s the even better news…

To get your hands on these secret C.A.S.H. Profit Activators plus the entire 2X—10 Less System…

You Won’t Have To Spend $25,000!

I have dozens of CEO and 8-figure earning clients who pay this kind of money to attend a 1-day private coaching session with me for the same kind of life-changing information inside the 2X—10 Less System…

But you won’t have to invest anything near that…

Not even half

And because my goal with this program is to reach as many serious-about-success entrepreneurs as possible...

I’ve instructed my team to deliver this course for as little as our company can afford to do for our first group of charter members into the 2X-10Less Club...

That’s why we’re able to offer you immediate and complete access to this life-changing training for only $1,500 today. That’s it. Everything you need for just one small investment.

I’ve even made a simple 3 installment payment plan option for you of $597.00 to make it even easier.

That’s all it takes to get on track to double your income in the next 8 weeks - while working less… so before your payment plan is complete you’ll already be reaping the financial rewards by simply using a few of the proven Fast C.A.S.H. Profit Activators in this system…

And get this…

Over the span of a year, this course is only going to cost you $4.11 a day

I’ve spent more money on Quest bars in airports!

So for less than a quick hit of protein, you can get immediately access to my life’s work - including the 16 C.A.S.H. Profit Activators - for your business to double, triple, even quadruple your revenue while working less than 10 hours of more a week…

This is everything I’ve ever used in my multi-million dollar businesses, and everything I’ve ever taught to my millionaire clients that you won’t find anywhere else…

And right now you can buy it for about 4 bucks a day!?

But listen. I want to make sure 2X— 10 Less is the right thing for you…

Which is why I’m giving you a full 8 weeks to get on track to 2X your income and more - risk free.

“More Profits, Less Hours” 
100% Money Back Guarantee

Call me crazy— but I have 2 ways you can get your money back.

Money Back Guarantee #1

I call this the “money reward” system.

I’m a big believer in rewarding action takers. Which is why I want to offer you a unique way to get this entire system for FREE.

When you order your 2X—10 Less System on this page only… and you finish the entire course, and send me a killer testimonial of your success with the program… I’ll give you your entire investment back.

That’s right… all you have to do is follow this entire 8 week course to the T… send me a testimonial… and it’s on me.

You won’t find a guarantee like this anywhere else

So if you’re ready to invest in growing your business while working less… and do it without costing you a single penny, then there’s no better time than right here and now with the 2X—10 Less system.

Money Back Guarantee #2

I guarantee your satisfaction with the 2X—10 Less system…

That you’ll love the coaching & lessons included in your program and double the investment you make today in as little as the first week.

But if at any time during the course you aren’t satisfied with all of the incredible courses you have access to, just let us know and we'll be happy to give you a full refund— no questions asked.

Simply contact us (by email or phone) and we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

So please try out everything in the course.

And if you aren’t fully satisfied, just let us know. There is no risk to you at all

Our Customer Satisfaction team is always standing by to assist you. You can contact us anytime at 1-800-965-4172 or at [email protected].

All you have to do to finally claim the freedom and finances you deserve is…


Click The Best Option Below To Access The Program for 8 Weeks — While Working 10 or Even 20 Hours Less

One time payment



2 Payments of



And if you think you’re “Too Busy” to go through the 2X-10 Less program… That’s a dead giveaway this is MANDATORY for you.

As a leader and entrepreneur— you must elevate your thinking and treat yourself like the head coach of your business instead of the point guard.

When you do— you can use your newfound revenue to buy back your time so you can actually enjoy your life instead of wasting it on boring and stressful tasks other people can do (and likely better than you can, too).

Remember— there’s ZERO risk with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

The 2X—10 Less Program Works For Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Real Estate Agents, Salespeople, Gym Owners, Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaches, Business Coaches, Authors, And Podcasters

Craig’s 90-Day Blueprint Has Me On Pace to Make Over One Million Dollars in the First Quarter of the Year

“I started getting results as soon as I started working with Craig online. I doubled my monthly income in 3 months. After that I continued to work on the 90-day blueprint we created, and am now on pace to do a million in revenue in the first quarter of 2019 all while working 15 fewer hours per week and traveling the world with my wife (Las Vegas, Italy, Dubai, New York, Barcelona, San Diego, and Tampa). Thank you Craig for transforming my business, my relationship with my wife (tripled the date nights) and my life.”

– Frank Den Blanken, 7-Figure Online Nutrition Coach, The Netherlands

We Doubled Our income and
Will Hit 7-Figures This Year

“Since working with you my fiancé and I doubled our income and will hit the 7-figure mark at the end of the year. We are working fewer hours and not wasting time on the small stuff. And since getting the online coaching we’ve started traveling more than ever. I’ve already taken 30 days of vacation this year including a 10-day trip to San Diego, a concert weekend in Arizona, a trip to Orlando, 4 days of fishing, and a week in Mexico. And we have another 60 days of travel planned for the rest of the year! More important, my fiancé and I have non negotiable date nights every Thursday and Craig has helped me make time to coach my son’s hockey team every week.”

– Joe Arko, Top Fitness Business Coach

Best. Year. Ever.

“I've had the best start to a year since opening my business 7 years ago. I'm more confident and consistent in my approach to everything. The coaching and accountability have been a game changer, and the introductions Craig has made have been fantastic – thank you! The best part is that we are just getting started.”

– Stacey Copas, Author & Corporate Keynote Speaker, Sydney, Australia

$1,000 a Day While Traveling the World

“Craig helped me grow my business, and showed me how to make money on social (I am up to nearly $1,000 per day). He also helped me navigate through some tough times in my personal life. His online coaching has been priceless.”

– Rob Hanly, Business Consultant, International Man of Mystery

Tripled My Income

“I tripled my income in the last year since working with Craig thanks to his advice and introductions. Getting access to his million dollar connections has changed my life.”

– Sam Robson, Copywriter and Copywriting Coach

No BS.

“Craig’s gift is bringing clarity and focus to what we need to do. He is very good at cutting through the BS to get to the impact. I have enjoyed working with Craig a lot.”

– Mike Novak, Real Estate Brokerage CEO

More Money Than Ever Before

“Thanks to Craig and his program, I am making more money than ever (over $12K per month) – but more importantly, I also have more time than ever and am able to have dinner with my family every night. Plus, I’m working 10 fewer hours per week, and my wife and I have been having at least one date night every week!”

– Ron Mourra, Online Coach and Former Struggling Personal Trainer in Canada Who Went From Zero to Five Figures in 90 Days

Craig Helped Us Make $40K in
Our Very First Product Launch!

“My girlfriend and I were business newbies when we hired Craig, but thanks to his experience and coaching, he helped us generate almost $40K in sales during our very first product launch! I am so glad I made the investment to work with him. We couldn't have had such a successful launch without his help! I am also 10X more productive and focused compared to last year.”

– Daniel S., High School Teacher & New Entrepreneur

“Craig has helped me spend guilt free time with my family. I have learned to schedule my tasks for work, AND schedule in time away from work. This has allowed me to be present with my family and not feel stressed out or like I’m neglecting something at work. Plus, he has helped us grow our coffee subscription business thanks to his social media marketing system.”

– Danny Lehr, Entrepreneur, CaffeineAndKilos.com

Craig Has Guided Us to 10X Growth in 6 Months

“I had recently decided to move from a job in the public sector with limited income opportunities, to running my own business, because I believed in what was possible. The reality is that success is not as difficult as some make it seem IF you have a mentor who can provide clarity and direction. Craig's coaching has transformed every aspect of my life. By distilling down my daily activities and directing my focus and energy to the areas that are responsible for massive growth, we have been able to 10X our business growth in under 6 months. My team has grown from 4 to 15 and we are expanding daily. Working with Craig has provided the focus and direction to live the life I have always dreamed of and to grow beyond what I ever thought possible.”

– Todd Lamb, 8-Figure Entrepreneur

More Money, More Time, Less Work

"I‘ve been a top producing realtor for 16 years but I always worked too many hours. Craig's coaching has helped me make more money, spend more time with my kids and have more time to exercise. As a result I‘m more fit both mentally and physically at 50 than ever. The accountability helps me to stay on track and saves me a lot of time, energy and money."

– Asdis Osk Valsdottir, Top Real Estate Agent, Iceland

My Biggest Sale Ever

"I closed a huge sale last week thanks to the program. It was for $700,000. My previous record was $342,000. I ended up selling over 1 million dollars in annuities in one week! That is over double my previous best."

– Fritz Mar, Insurance Sales

More Done in 4-6 Hours Now Than
When I Was Working 12-16 Hours a Day

"I was always chasing my tail but wasn't getting my most meaningful work done. Now I get far more done in 4-6 hours than I did when I was working 12-16 hours a day. I'm happier, more financially successful and have the time to do more of the things I love. Craig's coaching program has added at least $300,000 to my bottom line."

– Jason Ferruggia, Author & Top Podcaster, Santa Monica, California

Take Back Control of Your Life

“In the short time I have worked with Craig (only 3 weeks) I have taken control of my personal life and I feel energised again. But the most important thing is that my business is starting to shift. I am taking more action without letting fear stop me. I have no doubt you will help me achieve my goals. Thank you Craig.”

– Mandy T., gym owner, South Africa

Six-Figure Personal Income – Finally!

“Our gym revenue will break 500K this year. This was a big goal of mine. My personal income will be over 6-figures. Plus, I’m more present at home and have found structure in my days.”

– Cody Smith, Gym Owner and Dad of 3, Washington State

More Focus, Motivation, & Productivity

“The biggest benefits in working with you for just 3 weeks has been the fact that I have finished projects that would have taken me 3 months in the past. I have become much more effective and you have helped me to manage my time much better and stay focused. You have helped me to be so motivated that I wake up everyday at 5am and start my work with energy and ambition. Thank you so much!”

– Soroush Saloumi, Online Fitness Transformation Coach, Finland

Taking My Life to the Next Level

“Craig, you have helped me take control of my day to a whole new level. This has had a compound effect in many areas. I am growing my business, reading more, becoming a better leader, and having more clarity on what matters. But there is always another level to be achieved. I'm nowhere near my full potential, but starting each day off with a win and momentum has been a game changer. I appreciate all that you have helped me with tremendously.”

– Rob Grupe, From Prison to 7-Figure Entrepreneur, Oklahoma

2X My Income AND Helped Me Find the Love of My Life!

“You have helped me find the love of my life and grow my business (we doubled our revenue in 2018 all while taking 2 weeks off for the holidays and we have already spent 2 weeks in Tulum, Mexico this year!). Plus, you supported me through some tough times.”

– Zander Fryer, High Impact Sales Coach, California

More Money Than Ever Before

“Even though it has only been 8 weeks, I feel like my business is changing. In January and February I made more money than ever before, and I feel as though I am on track to make that a more consistent thing. You have helped me think bigger!”

– Stacey S, Online Business Owner & Beauty Expert

Scaled Fast to $20K and Get More Done

“Craig, you gave me clarity on where I need to focus. You helped me scale my business from 10 to 30 clients in only 3-4 weeks. Your advice on doing a special marketing activity got me to bring in new business worth around 20K. I am getting up at the same time every day (5.30 am) and get more done in my days now than ever because I know you are holding me accountable. Plus, you are always introducing me with other awesome entrepreneurs who help me improve my biz!”

– Christian H., Gym Owner, Germany

Quadrupled My Income!

“I always knew I was going to be a millionaire. But it wasn't until I got coaching from Craig that I was able to realize that it's no longer wishful thinking, but my actual path. Last week I made $7000. Before Craig I was making about $1500 per week. I am changing lives and becoming the person I always knew I was going to be – I just needed help from Craig to get there. I was hesitant on signing up for Craig’s coaching because I didn’t have much cash, but if I could show my older self where I am now, he'd literally jump at the opportunity. Thanks so much Craig, you’re awesome!”

– Bismark Montiel, Gym Owner, New Jersey

Perfect Days, Perfect Week, Perfect Life

“Since working with Craig, I have achieved the mythical work/life balance. I have my Perfect Week schedule and we stick to it consistently. My business revenue has stabilized through 2 partnerships that Craig helped me negotiate the deal terms for. My life feels like it is firing on all cylinders: business, relationships, health, and happiness.”

– Tyler Ryan, Software Entrepreneur

No Fluff & Fast Results

“Our coaching sessions are always focused and devoid of "fluff" which is a high-level use of all of our time. Your ability to break down simple issues and create actionable steps to achieve the intended result is rock-solid and the ability to compartmentalize and take the necessary, immediate steps toward focused goal attainment has been monumental! It all comes down to "prioritize & execute" which is exactly what you add to our business.”

– Rachael Novak, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Craig Truly Cares

“My self-confidence has skyrocketed. My mood has changed because you've given me a path to succeed. The more I listen to and engage with your content and with you, the more I see myself growing and having the life I deserve. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me. Thanks Craig. You're a teacher/mentor who genuinely cares about his clients.”

– Brandon Snow, Online Fitness Coach, Canada

Hit My 90-Day Goal in HALF the Time

"Craig is the first entrepreneur that my wife loves... me getting advice from. He preaches the opposite of hustle-and-grind and helps me find the MAGIC in my business so I can grow fast. With his help I hit my 90 day goal in only 45 days… all while taking a week long vacation with my wife. Thanks, Craig. You’re the man. My wife gives her thanks too."

– Joe LoGalbo, Copywriter, Coach, and Fitness Entrepreneur

Making A LOT More Money While Working A Lot Less Doesn’t Have To Be Hard…

You just need some guidance is all— and I’m going to show you how to do it.

Without a roadmap to the life and business you desire there’s no way of knowing when or if you’ll achieve your goals…

You may even waste YEARS moving in the wrong direction, losing money, and selling your soul without EVER achieving the income or lifestyle you deserve…

And I don’t want that to happen to you

I want you to have the money, the business, and the freedom you deserve NOW— Not next month or next year. Not “someday”...

THIS day.

There’s a reason so many business owners call the 2X—10 Less system a “Must Have” for any entrepreneur…

Without the 2X—10 Less program, the 16 Fast C.A.S.H. Profit Activators, and me, The Millionaire Maker, on your side, there's no telling how long it will take for you to crack the millionaire code.

You could use lose years of your life. Burn tens of thousands of dollars. Miss out on meaningful experiences with your friends and family. And worst of all lose faith in yourself and your mission.

Or you can click the button below, take action, and tap into more than 20 years of experience of making millionaires across multiple industries and get immediate access to a brand new program creating new millionaires every single week.

The choice is yours.

Please choose wisely.

Click The Best Option Below To Access The Program for 8 Weeks — While Working 10 or Even 20 Hours Less

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To Your Success,

Craig Ballantyne

P.S. The fact that you’re still reading this page tells me you’re serious about growing your income working less hours. So what are you waiting for? You want to make more money and have more freedom to enjoy with friends and family right? If you’re serious about breaking through to the next level and living the dream life of a really successful entrepreneur then do yourself a favor, scroll up, and select the best investment option for you today.

P.P.S. Remember— you’re backed by my “more profits, less hours” 100% money back guarantee. So you truly have nothing to lose and more money and freedom to gain. Try out 2X—10 Less today and if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, simply send us an email or give us a call and we’ll deliver you a prompt and full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is The 2X—10 Less For?
A: 2X—10 Less is for entrepreneurs or high performers who want to double their income while also working fewer hours. This system works for men and women in all markets from real estate, to gym owners, podcasters, digital entrepreneurs and more.

Q: Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
A: Yes. There are two ways to get your money back. The first is called the money back reward system. That is— if you complete the entire 8 week course and send me an amazing testimonial with proof of your progress over the coming weeks, I’ll reward you by giving the course to you for free and return every penny you invest on this page. The second— if you’re not 100% satisfied with the entire 2X—10 Less, I’ll refund every penny, no questions asked. Simply send us an email or give us a call and you’ll receive a prompt refund.

Q: I’m already making 7 figures, is this course for me?
A: Yes. The strategies in 2X—10 Less will work for 6-figure and 7-figure entrepreneurs who want to work less and make more money. I’ve worked with clients running businesses over $100 million and even $750 million - so I know exactly what’s needed at whatever level you are at.

Q: Is 2X—10 Less a digital course?
A: Yes. But it’s so much more than that. Because along with all 8 weeks of done-for-you courses and training, you’ll also get one-on-one interaction with me and the other 2X—10 Less coaches that will take an inside look at your current business and give you a streamlined approach to reach your business and personal goals.

Q: Who are you and do you have experience helping entrepreneurs?
A: Yes. My name is Craig Ballantyne and I’m The WSJ best-selling author of Unstoppable, owner of Early to Rise, and Founder of five separate 7-figure businesses. My clients refer to me as “The Millionaire Maker” and I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs hit their first 6 or 7-figures without sacrificing their lives or working ungodly hours. Scroll up and check out the testimonials section to read the positive experiences and breakthroughs other entrepreneurs and high-performers just like you have had with the 2X—10 Less system.

Q: How much time of my week will 2X—10 Less take?
A: Each module training is roughly 30 minutes. So not a lot of time at all. Again, if you’re worried that you won’t have time to complete this training then you absolutely need the 2X—10 Less system. Your work life, family life, and personal life are dependent on it if you’re going to reach the next level keeping your sanity.



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